if i can reach you when the darkness surrounds you,
if there’s a light i’m able to shine
to give direction when all orientation disappears,
i count myself lucky,
offering only what i know
from all the time i’ve been lost in the night
and faced the depth of pain a heart feels when it seems likely to crack in two,
i hold out not my hand
but point the way to the hand i hold
and, in its small way, this act
may be what it takes for you to save your own life
that’s what we do for each other,
and while i haven’t much to give
i do understand what feeds our essence~
kind words and laughter- if they come-
silence and listening..
you are not alone, for that which moves my blood,
also moves yours,
we are not so unalike, you and i
let us sit at the invisible table
and taste
this day’s hot brew when the cold wind whips
and we haven’t any idea where else to go