Dappled shade drops from grand sycamores,
Woman on bicycle pedals in heels
down cobblestone,
Small boy lags behind mother,
winding between outdoor cafe tables,
dragging one finger along peaks of chair backs,
Sunlight stretches past church spire,
flooding quiet shadow with wakefulness.
Morning traffic-
parents carrying children to school
on two thin wheels.
A gathering of friends with cigarettes,
building stories through accumulating years,
drinks coffee before work.
Man with cello. Man running to catch time.
Woman coasts past, adjusting shawl,
ears filled by private music.
Two monks in beige robes,
crosses hidden in folds of cloth at their waists.
Diesel engine. Rattling bike frame.
Pigeons take flight
into pale cloudless sky.
Bordeaux brightens out of sleep.