An electric palm talked to me last night.
Piercing its feisty fingers,
playful dagger fronds dipped in hallucinatory intent,
through moon’s half cast of sky.
That crazy cat visited,
showed a thing or two
about shape shifting and trickster medicine.
She grabbed my brain
with her buzz.
Scattered stars and hairs of lazy clouds
sucked her dark light towards them.

Further along,
silent, unmoving owl watched
from telephone wire.
Stopping for him, I said hello.
He dropped off into flight
carrying my whisper back to the forest.

A few steps away, cypress
impressed herself upon me,
a pale barked dancing woman
held within rounded trunk.
Wonder and timelessness,
a patient grounded movement
through change-
like this old tree whose feet
adapted to growth at the banks
of asphalt
where uncorrupted earth
once collected water.