Enter the woods, Young Woman,

and know

the Devil hears every footstep.
Each snapping twig signals 
your approaching Light-
and stirs

His bloodthirst.
Whether your flame flickers,
or extinguishes,
He cares not.
This game is
And without your eyes open,
you are prey.
The seduction will dance you
until your feet bleed,
and your heart tears.
with instinct, wild watchfulness,
and a night-march gathering
of your oceanic value,
his charm cannot destroy
the most tender and loving aspects
your clear spirit offers this woolly world.
Stake your boundary
and protect
what you long to give away.
Leave the woods.
Trade, dear Beauty,
youthful innocence,
that dwelling ignorance,
for the Power that awaits you-
something His nearness would never
allow you the sovereignty

to have.