So the hot water doesn’t work,

the man divorced your ass,

the chickens became coyote snacks,

black widows took up residence along beside you,

flying ants infest the house,

your regular bleeding has voted for hyper-regular status..

what, what to do?

Yell, cry, tear out your hair,

drown in movies and wine,

sleep until it ends,

throw things, set others ablaze,

stomp around and,



What else?

The toaster still toasts, after all,

and the dentist DID say your teeth are healthy and great,

the walk into the hills has redeemed you


many many times before,

and why tear out perfectly good hair,

especially when it’s yours,

and yes, a rest in that bed sounds perfect,


you are tired, child, bone-deep tired.

And beyond the chaos and conundrums,

hallelujah resonates in your heart

with each



Hallelujah beats,

here in the mess,

hallelujah beats with you…